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Scattering with rotary screen


Precision scattering machine with rotary screen ('Screen scatter coater')





Scattering materials

Bulk material of grain size fraction 30µm - 3mm (e.g. powder, mica, glittering particles, chips, flakes, glass, semolina, sesame)

Fields of application

• decorative surface coating for floorings, wall and ceiling coverings
• surface finishing, e.g. abrasion, wear, safety
• food industry, e.g. bakery




Principle of operation

Through a closed feeding tube [1] with integrated worm screw the scattering material is conveyed to the rotary screen [2] all along the worm screw. At the bottom side of the feeding tube there are adjustable material outlets which guarantee the determined, even and continuous flow of materials onto the specially designed doctor blade [3]. This internal doctor blade pushes the material through the screen holes and so the material is flowing onto the subjacent substrate line in accordance with the screen pattern.

This scattering method is analogue to the normal colour screen printing technology and is also suitable for scattering in register.


In our Scattering laboratory you can try each type of scattering machine.


For more information on this precision scattering system - and the option to download a product leaflet - please visit Sandvik TPS