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Granules scattering units


Precision scattering machine with rotating brush system ('Granules scatter coater')





Scattering materials
Bulk material of grain size 0,8 - 20mm (e.g. flakes, chips, granules, ball yarn, sand, carbon particles, glass, corundum, fine flakes)

Fields of application
• homogeneous and heterogeneous products, e.g. floorings
• decorative surface coating for floorings, wall and ceiling coverings
• surface finishing, e.g. abrasion, wear, safety
• dispersion of carbon particles, e.g. for various kinds of filters
• consolidation of materials




Principle of operation
The funnel-shaped charging hopper [1] is supplied with the bulk material by means of suction or worm conveyors. Inside the charging hopper the bulk material is uniformly distributed and the level is kept constant during the scattering process. Cavity formation and decomposition of the material is avoided through a special mixer. The rotary metering roller [2] is fixed to the bottom side of the charging hopper. The size of the cells of the metering roller are selected according to the grain size of the bulk material. The bulk material is picked up by the metering roller and stripped at a notched rigid doctor blade [3]; depending on the type, the doctor blade is split up in adjustable segments. After that the accurately dosed bulk material is conveyed to an rotating brushing device [4]. The direction of rotation is product-bound, the brushing device can work in both directions, i.e. in running direction of the metering roller or in reversed direction. If working in reversed direction (see photo) the bulk material is directly transferred to the subjacent substrate line respectively a conveyor belt. If working in running direction (see drawing) the bulk material is subject to a rotation through 180° in a mask [5] through centrifugal force and from there the bulk material is evenly sliding onto the subjacent substrate line respectively a conveyor belt. 

Possibility of modification
By means of a supplementary set the rotary brushing device can be modified into a oscillating brushing device. Thus the scatter coater is functioning as a Powder scattering unit.


In our Scattering laboratory you can try each type of scattering machine.


For more information on this precision scattering system - and the option to download a product leaflet - please visit Sandvik TPS