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Fibres scattering unit


Precision scattering machine for fibrous materials ('Fibres scatter coater')





Scattering materials

Fibres up to a size of approx. 8mm as well as fluffs

Fields of application

• Automotive industry
• Textile industry
• Recycling industry
• Construction industry




Principle of operation

By means of suction or feed screw devices the fibre material is conveyed to a hopper [1] with vertical sidewalls. The fibre material is evenly distributed inside the feeding hopper and the level is kept constant during the scattering process. For scattering materials which tend to cavity formation (bridging) due to their flow properties an agitator [2] has been installed. The fibre material is taken up by the metering roller (scattering roller) [3] and stripped at a rigid doctor blade [4]. A specially designed roller with rotating and traversing paddles which is mounted above the scattering roller keeps the material moving thus ensuring that the material is conveyed to the doctor blade and is deposited there as best as possible. Then the fibre material will be conveyed by the scattering roller to a rotary brush roller [5]. By means of a special brush roller which is working in opposite direction the fibre material is directly deposited onto the substrate respectively a conveyor belt travelling underneath.


In our Scattering laboratory you can try each type of scattering machine.


For more information on this precision scattering system - and the option to download a product leaflet - please visit Sandvik TPS