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Heterogeneous floorings


Double belt press plant for the manufacturing of heterogeneous floorings





Fields of application
Lamination of various thermoplastic foils, also in combination with bulk materials, e.g. production of floorings in web form or as floortiles.

Principle of operation
The base foil is applied to the advanced lower belt [1] by means of the unwinder [A]. Through the scattering machine [B] granules are applied to the base foil. Now a decorative film is applied to the layer of scattered granules by means of the film unwinding unit [C]. Then the wear layer is applied to the decorative film by means of the scattering machine [D]. Then the multilayer coating will be compressed through the calender roll [2]. After the preheating zone [3+4] the layer is melted thoroughly in the contact heating zone [5+7] and sized to the required thickness by means of the nip rolls [6+8] that are arranged one on top of the other. After that the substrate is cooled to the required outlet temperature in the cooling zone [9]. 



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