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Double belt press plant for the manufacuring of composites





Fields of application
Lamination of sheet material on honeycomb plates or the like, e.g. Honeycomb Twintex® - composites.

Principle of operation
By means of the unwinder [A] the bottom cover sheet is applied to the advanced lower belt [1]. The cover sheet is coated with glue through the glueing unit [B] and by means of a feeding unit the honeycomb plate is deposited on the cover sheet. The honeycomb plate will then be coated with glue by means of the glueing unit [C] and through the unwinder [D] the top cover sheet is deposited on the honeycomb plate. By means of the the calender roll [2] the sheets are fixed on the honeycomb plate. After the preheating zone [3+4] the composite is heated to the hardening temperature of the glue in the contact heating zone [5+7]. By means of the nip rolls [6+8] the composite will finally be set. After that the honeycomb plate is cooled to the required outlet temperature in the cooling zone [9]. 



In our Thermofix Technology Center you can try a fully equipped double belt press.