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SANDVIK TPS - Your partner for Scattering machines and Double belt presses





Since the end of the eighties formerly TPS TechnoPartner Samtronic is successfully developing machine systems on the basis of scattering and double belt press technology with low pressure.

Among others, applications are homogeneous and heterogeneous floorings, composites and fibres and plastics recycling.

During the further development of our scattering machines we have succeeded in reaching a higher grade of scattering accuracy.
Trials proved unequalled results when processing fine powder and granules.





By means of the double belt presses webs can be made from all kinds of powdery or granular thermoplastics, secondary raw materials, production recyclings or other recycling materials. The web is produced through a uniform surface pressure and temperatures up to 250°C. This technology ensures that a perfectly plastic-laminated web will be produced.

We are in the position to supply you with complete packages of equipment: scattering units, double belt presses, additional components and electrical equipment such as control cabinets, operator panels and process visualization systems.


In our Thermofix Technology Center you can try a fully equipped double belt press.

In the affliated Scattering laboratory we offer you trails with each type of scattering machine.


For more information on our press and scattering systems, please visit Sandvik TPS